People often seek therapy at a point where life feels too stressful or off-kilter. This point might emerge gradually or occur in the face of acute problems, stressors or losses that feel overwhelming. Psychotherapy is a means of addressing these difficulties and can lead to crucial and lasting changes.

Effective therapy requires commitment and engagement on both the part of the therapist and patient. The pursuit of change and growth can take time, although this does not necessarily equate to endless treatment. Most often, psychotherapy involves exploring areas of oneself and one’s life that feel elusive or painful, areas that often resist the change one is trying to bring to them. There is, however, a remarkable payoff to effective treatment, which can include greater freedom and satisfaction in the areas of love and intimacy, family and relationships, creativity and work.


I am a licensed clinical psychologist and I provide psychotherapy for adults, adolescents, couples and families. I have experience working with individuals across the life span who present with a wide range of difficulties, including everyday job and life stress, anxiety and depression, relationship problems and substance abuse, and more severe forms of mental illness.

I am available for consultation, short- and longer-term therapy. I tailor treatment to each individual or group that I am working with, and this might involve an increased frequency of treatment depending on your needs and my recommendations. Please contact me via phone or email so we can further discuss your interest in therapy and schedule a consultation.